ICONE Caviar is the brainchild of two fine cuisine lovers, Mathieu Marcoulides, culinary specialist and Abdallah Chatila, businessman.

Guided by their combined knowledge and gastronomic experiences, they merged their skills to develop the ultimate product.

Under the masterful hands of our experts, ICONE Caviar has been able to combine traditional production methods with the art of personalized maturing, allowing caviar to deliver all its flavours.

ICONE Caviar has a firm texture, with a palette of colours ranging from golden to dark brown, with buttery flavours, leaving a sweet and intense taste on the palate, where nuts, hazelnuts and almonds intermingle.


The uniqueness of ICONE Caviar lies in its personalized maturing process.

Our first mission is to excite your senses by offering the possibility to choose your maturing time according to your personal taste and preference.

Personalized refining creates a personal link between our trusted customers and our experts.


Quality: The key word for us is Quality. We make it a point of honour to constantly and totally satisfy our customers. We continually search for caviar that meets your expectations every time that you choose ICONE. This is our guarantee to you.

Know-How: Passionate about the art of taste, Mathieu Marcoulides has a strong experience in the field of haute gastronomy. His knowledge and expertise is at the service of our premium brand which allows us to offer you the appropriate flavours and combinations, as well as to deliver a product with exceptional and diverse aromas.

Perfection: We evaluate and taste our products daily in order to deliver an exceptional

caviar. Attentive to your needs, we always personalise the maturing process to offer you the caviar that you desire. The result is caviar matured according to your own taste preferences.


Transparency: We carefully choose the origins of our product to ensure optimal monitoring from harvest to delivery. We control with particular attention all the stages of packaging and manufacturing of our caviar to offer our clients full transparency.

Eco-Responsibility: Aware that caviar remains a valuable natural resource, we choose farms that do not disturb the environment and existing eco-chains and never use illegal and abusive breeding methods.


You can order your caviar by phone or by e-mail. 


We ship your presents in high-end boxes prepared with the greatest care.


The caviar is delivered at your convenience.


Our insulated box with Ice-Pack
keeps the correct temperature
and ensures that the caviar arrives
fresh and ready to enjoy.