SILVER IMPERIAL - Exclusive Original Tin

SILVER IMPERIAL - Exclusive Original Tin



    Caviar Silver

    Schrenkii X Dauricus Reserve

    A delicate caviar with a firm texture and a sublime buttery and nutty taste.

    Born from the marriage between Acipenser Schrenckii and Huso Dauricus – a cousin of the mythical Beluga, this caviar is delicately matured in Switzerland to bring excellence and quality to your culinary experience.


    For whom: Silver Lovers: The perfect caviar for any occasion.

    Cold Chain: Our insulated box with Ice-Packs keep the correct temperature and ensures that the caviar arrives fresh and ready to enjoy.

    Gift: We ship your order in high-end boxes prepared with the greatest care.

    Shelf life: 90 days

    Storage temperature: 0 to 4°C

    After opening, the Caviar must be consumed within 72 hours.

    Origin: Farmed in Bulgaria, China, France, Italy and Uruguay.

    Species: Acipenser Schrenkii X Huso Dauricus


    Delivery is made as soon as we confirm the payment to insure you the best available delivery. Our packages are discreet, with no mention of any kind of our brand or its content.

    Any order paid by bank card will be delivered the day after. Orders paid by bank transfer will wait until payment is made before it is shipped.


    We proceed ourselves to shipment tracking as soon as anything happens.


    Fresh products can neither be returned nor exchanged. We invite you to read our Terms and Conditions of sales for further details.


    ICONE Caviar is engaged to deliver caviar ordered through its website in the best manner possible. We are using the same technics and processes as the one we use for our most prestigious individual or business customers like famous restaurants and hotels everywhere in the world.


    Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative: E285

    Typical nutritional values per 100 grams
    Energy: 1007kJ
    Total fat: 14g
    of which Saturates: 2.5g
    Carbohydrates: 2.8g
    of which Sugars: 0g
    Protein: 22g
    Salt: 3g

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