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Icone Caviar Best


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The freshness of Icone Caviar is our priority.

Controlled temperature guaranteed



Each order is prepared by hand

with precaution and passion

Our Signature Caviar.

Once the Original Tins with selected sturgeon roe arrive in Switzerland, in Geneva affinage facilities, the Maître Affineur will carefully grade them and start the caviar maturation.


The ageing process can be as short as 20 days, just enough for the salt to be absorbed into the egg or can take several years to allow for strong, pronounced flavours.

Best Quality | Switzerland


Best caviar quality natural Switzerland

A delicate caviar with a sublime buttery and nutty taste and a firm texture.
Born from the marriage between Acipenser Schrenckiiand Huso Dauricus–a cousin of the mythical Beluga.


Best caviar quality natural Switzerland

This caviar is characterised by its unmistakable colour with golden hues. A rare genetic occurrence that results in beautiful caviar that will be a pearl in the crown on any table.

Icone Caviar Best

ICONIC Caviar selections

When it's time, the Icone caviar, known for its exclusive flavor, is meticulously hand-packed into specially designed tins. These tins are engineered to preserve the unique and exquisite taste of the caviar, ensuring an unparalleled gourmet experience


Every tin is personally packed by Maître Affineur to ensure impeccable quality. Once the tin is vacuum sealed, the Icone pewter label is applied on top, as a quality guarantee sign.

ICONE Caviar - Best Caviar Quality

Love my Icone Caviar.

Icone caviar selection team oversees the entire life of sturgeons at the selected farms, from hatching to maturity.

Depending on the sturgeon species the selection process takes between 6 and 25 years and requires close cooperation with partner farms.

Only the sturgeons that live in the best conditions are selected to produce Icone Caviar - Best Caviar Quality

Icone Caviar Best

Mathieu M.   |  Caviar lover


What Sets Us Apart


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Exceptional Caviar selections

Matured in Switzerland

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