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Caviar Tasting

Caviar... and what else?

We often ask ourselves with what we should serve the caviar, and the answer is the caviar itself. Caviar does not need any tricks, it is sufficient on its own.

Caviar does not need any tricks, it is sufficient on its own!

Charged with a real mythology, its consumption is however accompanied by real rites. While waiting for the day of its service, it must be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator (4°C). Once the box is opened, it should be served as soon as possible (less than 24 hours), but take the time to let it cool down for half an hour. It is at 10°C that caviar best reveals its aromas. Place the original packaging on a bed of ice. It will be contained in a noble material that will highlight the rarity of caviar: mother-of-pearl, crystal, porcelain,... For the service, forget the metal that oxidizes, and prefer spoons made of mother-of-pearl, wood or even plastic.

Caviar can also be used as a recipe to enhance the taste of other foods: potatoes, pasta, fish... But it is such a subtle, refined and precious dish, that we advise you to eat it alone most of the time, with the greatest simplicity.

In glasses, simplicity is still the order of the day. An iced vodka, neutral alcohol is ideal (see Vodka section). If not, a raw champagne (unsweetened, see Champagne section) or a dry white wine will do very well. Avoid wines with strong flavors that would compete with caviar and deprive you of its richness.

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