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The Schrenckii Caviar

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Article republished on Oct 04, 2021

The chinese sturgeons, known as "Schrenckii", swim and breed in the renowed Yunnan region. These farmed sturgeons produce eggs that are of a high quality.

Selected and supported by a national workforce, caviar grains from China are appreciated for their firmness, their subtle iodine taste and their brilliant black colour.

It is undoubtedly a particularly exceptional caviar that breaks the neck of preconceived ideas about Chinese products known to be counterfeit.

A firm caviar

The Schrenckii caviar seduces our eyes before delighting our palates. Its golden colour and pretty reflections give it a very beautiful appearance. Once in the mouth, one appreciates the firmness of its grains and the delicacy of its salting.

Caviar at a very competitive price

Chinese caviar is a luxury gastronomic product that is constantly developing. Taking advantage of the ban on imports of Iranian and Russian caviars, China has increased its production and therefore its export.

In addition to its flavour, its price is competitive. Indeed, if it is necessary to count approximately 8000 euros for a kilo of Russian Caviar type Beluga, Schrenkii caviar sells for about 2000 euros per kilo.

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