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ICONE Caviar in JJ Sphere Magazine

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Article republished on Oct 04, 2021

"Without transition, directly in the heart of the matter, the first door of the Advent calendar of JJs does not do half measures. It is a question of giving pleasure, of pleasing oneself throughout the month of December to reach a climax on Christmas Eve. And an apotheosis needs to be prepared." - JJSphere publication on the 12-01-18

This is how the duet Josiane & Josette start their publication about our caviar in their magazine.

ICONE Caviar:

Under the expert and passionate hands of its specialits, Icone Caviar has been able to combine traditional production methods with the art of personalized maturing. Putting all its experience and know-how to the attention of them product, icone caviar result from A unique maturing process developed by our Maître Affineur, combines precision temperature control techniques and perfect maturing time with Swiss quality control.

So what's best delicacy to celebrate all the special moments then our prestigious caviar?

Do not hesitate to go take a look on their website for other funny and interesting publications :

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